Stronger Roar: Unveiling Apollo, the Refreshed F&I Sentinel Logo


With our continued growth as a company, and expansion of capabilities brought forth by our recent acquisition of Express Recoveries from Cox Automotive, we knew that the F&I Sentinel logo and our iconic Lion needed to be reimagined to better reflect who we are today, how we’re serving our customers and how we’ll be serving them in the years to come.

Old vs New logo

F&I Sentinel: Apollo

We made the F&I Sentinel lion the focal point of the visual brand and logo refresh elevating Apollo from a two-dimensional rendering of just his head to a full rendering with depth and dimensionality achieved through the use of polygons. Apollo and his stance embodies the vigilance, rigor and fearlessness in which every member of the F&I Sentinel Concierge Compliance Team tackles the never-ending complexities of regulatory compliance on behalf customers. The polygons and shadings reflect the connectivity and transparency our solutions bring to the auto lenders, their dealer networks, and F&I product companies so that each stakeholder’s business objectives are served while still protecting the consumer interest.

Apollo makes his first appearance on our redesigned website along with new sections:

  • Solutions page. Outlines our Managed Solutions to support F&I product compliance from originations to servicing and early terminations.
  • Resources page. Up-to-date library of legislative developments, insights on the implications of major regulatory enforcement actions on the industry, etc.

We hope you’ll take a few minutes to explore our new website. Your feedback is always welcome.


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