Elevate Your Compliance Strategy with Add-On Concierge Services

Project-based consulting services that leverage CITADEL® data and F&I Sentinel domain expertise. 

Take your organization's regulatory compliance to new heights with specialized solutions.

Extend your partnership with F&I Sentinel and take your compliance strategy to the next level with our Add-On Concierge Services. Elevate your proactive approach to regulatory compliance by tapping into our suite of specialized solutions designed to enhance transparency, streamline processes, and mitigate risks. 

  • Enhanced Compliance Posture: Utilize Managed Look-Backs for transparency and certainty in historical product refund transactions. 
  • Specialized Regulatory Expertise: Access exclusive consulting services to navigate audits and regulatory exams, effectively.

  • Comprehensive Support: Tap into the expertise of our Concierge Compliance Team to complement in-house resources and mitigate regulatory risks.

  • Rigorous Response Strategies: Leverage the CITADEL® platform for robust response strategies, ensuring confidence in navigating a shifting regulatory environment.

  • Compliance Excellence: Showcase commitment to compliance excellence and customer satisfaction with our dynamic compliance approach and proactive response measures.

Discover how our Add-On Concierge Services can empower your team and strengthen your commitment to compliance and customer satisfaction. 

Managed Look-Backs

Managed Look-Backs

Ensure a better experience for former, existing, and future customers.

Enhance your proactive compliance posture by tapping into F&I Sentinel’s Managed Look-Backs solution that brings more transparency and certainty to your historical product cancellation refund transactions. Available to F&I Sentinel customers as an add-on solution, your Concierge Compliance Team leverages CITADEL® and their experience to verify early termination refund processing so that your team is empowered with the data in advance of inquiries from the CFPB and state regulators. 


  • Gain insight into the risk exposure from historical product cancellation refund transactions
  • Certainty as to whether customers received their refund at early termination
  • Directly access product administrators
  • Tap into F&I Sentinel’s dynamic compliance approach and demonstrate your commitment to compliance excellence to regulators
Regulatory Audit & Examination Response

Regulatory Audit & Examination Response

Be empowered to mount a comprehensive, data-driven response.

In an active regulatory enforcement environment for F&I products, your Concierge Compliance Team is uniquely qualified to provide data-driven F&I product consulting services in response to an audit or regulatory exam. Available exclusively to our customers, our services complement those of your in-house resources and leverage the rigor enabled by the CITADEL® platform and our experience to assist with your response.


  • Navigate a fluid regulatory environment with confidence
  • Access expert F&I product consulting services for audits and exams
  • Leverage data from the CITADEL® platform to formulate effective response strategies
  • Mitigate regulatory risks and maintain compliance excellence

Ready to enhance your compliance strategy?

Complement in-house resources, leverage the CITADEL® platform for robust response strategies, and showcase commitment to compliance excellence with our dynamic approach. Discover how our Add-On Concierge Services can empower your team and strengthen your commitment to compliance excellence. 

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