F&I Product Compliance Platform

Six of the top 10 auto lenders count on F&I Sentinel’s CITADEL® Platform to bring data transparency, efficiency and automation to F&I product compliance.

The industry's most comprehensive F&I product compliance management platform

Explore the industry’s only compliance management platform purpose-built for aftermarket products. An array of features including embedded rules-based workflows, a real-time refund quotes engine and more, enable auto lenders and their dealer partners to reduce time-to-funding, streamline cancellation processes and facilitate the disbursement of refunds to consumers. APIs enable integration with third-party systems for data transparency and efficiency. 

  • Robust and growing cloud-native repository of 112,000+ F&I products
  • Used by 600+ F&I product administrators
  • Trusted by top auto finance companies and their dealer partners
Citadel ecosystem, including Fund with certainty, Refund with confidence​, Security & integration​, Managed compliance, Managed Look-Backs, and Regulatory Audit & Examination Response

By the numbers:

Extensive industry adoption of a comprehensive platform with unparalleled capabilities.

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Of the Top 10 Lenders

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CITADEL powers F&I Sentinel’s managed compliance solutions delivering compliance certainty at funding. Its FAIRRCalc real-time refund quote engine ensures refunds with confidence at early product termination. With comprehensive security protocols, transparency, and integration capabilities, CITADEL offers a holistic approach to aftermarket product compliance, empowering your business for success.

Fund with certainty

Fund with certainty

  • Powerful credentialing engine contextualizes products for compliance against federal rules and that of 50 states
  • Rules-based workflows for optimal efficiency

Refund with confidence​

  • Accurate, real time quotes powered by the CITADEL FAIRRCalc® refund quote engine for GAP waivers
  • Dynamically updated state and federal regulatory rules engine for assured refund compliance
  • Timely communications with configurable dealer and F&I product administrator notifications
Security & integration​

Security & integration​

  • Comprehensive security protocols and data security controls
  • Maximum transparency and accountability with easy access to audit logs for all queries
  • Integration with loan origination and servicing systems through APIs for maximum flexibility

Dynamic compliance solutions powered by CITADEL®

Managed compliance

Achieve F&I product compliance throughout the full product lifecycle, from origination to servicing to cancellations and refunds. 

Managed Look-Backs

We bring transparency and certainty to your historical product cancellation refund transactions before the regulators request for them. 

Regulatory Audit & Examination Response

Get the data you need to effectively respond to an audit or regulatory exam. 

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Our compliance management solutions have become a standard of compliance in the automotive finance industry. With over 600 F&I product administrators relying on our platform, alongside the trust of top auto finance companies and dealers, we offer unmatched reliability in navigating aftermarket product compliance.

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