How We Help

As the marketplace leader in understanding and navigating the complexities of F&I products, we can help protect your company’s reputation and reduce and mitigate financial and litigation risk.

Reputational Risk Mitigation

Over the last several years, far too often finance companies are making headlines due to the financing of F&I products. At F&I Sentinel we understand the value of your company’s name and work diligently to ensure that the F&I products financed by your company comply with your company’s requirements and provide real value to your end customer thereby reducing the risk that the company’s reputation will be harmed as a result of the funding of F&I products.

Regulatory Risk Mitigation

Our agility and adaptability in the ever-changing F&I products regulatory environment have made us a market leader. We help ensure that your loan portfolio does not include F&I products that would unnecessarily expose your company to increased regulatory risk of adverse action. Our integrated solutions assist vehicle finance companies manage this risk by providing expert consulting services to help your company navigate the complexities surrounding the financing of F&I products.

Litigation Risk Mitigation

We're always ahead of the curve. We thoroughly review all F&I products and continuously monitor regulatory and legal developments related to the financing of F&I products to minimize any risk of litigation. By ensuring F&I products comply with your company’s requirements for financing, are financially sound, and provide value to your end customer, F&I Sentinel can help your company avoid litigation. In the event litigation occurs, your company will be better positioned to defend against claims successfully.

Financial Risk Mitigation

As a vehicle finance company, it is in your best interest to ensure that F&I product programs you finance - from refunds to claims - are backed by financially sound companies so that your end customers receive the benefit of the bargain. Verifying an F&I program is financially able to pay claims not only protects the value of the collateral but, just as importantly, ensures that your company will receive any refunds due to pay down your customer’s outstanding balance in the event of cancellation of an F&I product financed by your company.

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