Who We Are

F&I Sentinel Story

F&I Sentinel was born out of the complex regulatory environment surrounding automotive F&I products.

Since the creation of the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB), the CFPB and State regulators have taken an increased interest in the financing and resolution of F&I products.

F&I Sentinel was created in response to this increased scrutiny and provides integrated solutions for vehicle finance companies that are faced with what seems to be the insurmountable task of navigating the complex regulatory waters surrounding the financing of F&I products.

Our mission is to protect consumers, finance companies, and dealers by facilitating a compliant and efficient F&I product marketplace.

To achieve this mission, F&I Sentinel provides its customers with cutting-edge technology and unparalleled expertise in F&I product regulation. It’s in our DNA to constantly monitor the market, identify issues, and build solutions to address those issues.

We pride ourselves in staying ahead of the curve by seeing what’s around the corner before our partners do and having a solution waiting in the wings when they get there. The result— an outsourced turn-key compliance solution that mitigates the legal, regulatory, and reputational risks associated with the financing and resolution of F&I products. It’s the recipe to our success.

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