Informed.IQ and F&I Sentinel Partner to Broaden Compliance and Regulatory Offerings in Heightened Regulatory Environment

Oct 25, 2022 |

F&I Sentinel and Informed.IQ are partnering to evolve digital lending by providing a comprehensive service focused on verification and compliance. Informed.IQ, provider of AI-based software that verifies, streamlines, and optimizes loan processing, will combine efforts with F&I Sentinel’s CITADEL® solution which provides a turnkey compliance solution with respect to the financing and resolution of F&I products to further address the rapidly changing regulatory environment, CFPB and state regulations, limit class action exposure and protect financial institutions and consumers. As a result, loans will be processed faster and more accurately with less fraud and audit risk, providing real-time verifications backed by compliance experts.

F&I Sentinel is at the intersection of technology, innovation, and compliance. With over 50 years of combined regulatory compliance experience specializing in the compliance of F&I products at both the State and Federal levels, the company saw value in integrating with Informed.IQ, a best-in-class automation solution provider in the consumer and auto finance industries. Six of the top 10 auto lenders trust Informed to drive efficiency in this rapidly evolving environment and can now add F&I Sentinel’s robust compliance capabilities to ensure that lenders and their customers are protected.

Stephen McDaniel, CEO of F&I Sentinel, said, “We continue to see an increased need for lenders to implement an end-to-end compliance management system concerning the financing and resolution of F&I products. Together, we will provide faster, more effective financing and continued investment in products and platforms within the vehicle financing ecosystem.”

Informed’s AI and modeling perform complex calculations, ensuring accuracy, identifying omissions, reducing bias and combating fraud. With a 99% accuracy rate and guaranteed service rates, lenders and dealers can focus less on legal and regulatory concerns and more on developing strong customer relationships.

“F&I Sentinel adds an additional mitigation layer against litigation and reputational risk, providing cutting-edge compliance solutions. We are excited to continue providing innovative technology and proprietary analytics to impact the future of consumer finance,” said Justin Wickett, CEO of Informed.IQ.

Informed.IQ’s technology goes beyond image recognition, detecting defects and omissions, and providing insights – in addition to providing real-time, automated loan processing capabilities. Informed’s AI software enables lenders to reduce bias, comply with regulatory requirements and be audit-ready.

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