F&I Sentinel Continues to Expand Credentialing Team

Sep 26, 2022 |

F&I Sentinel today announced the addition of Michelle Covin, Sam Barnes, and Alexander Bitar to its finance and insurance (F&I) product credentialing team. Covin, Barnes, and Bitar will serve alongside a distinguished group of experts that continuously monitor legislation, regulatory developments, and litigation regarding finance and insurance products to ensure that the lenders and those lenders’ customers are protected in connection with the financing and resolution of F&I products.

“The regulatory environment surrounding the financing and resolution of F&I products is ever-changing, and our credentialing team is essential for customers grappling with navigating these complex waters,” said Stephen McDaniel, Founder and CEO of F&I Sentinel. “Michelle, Sam, and Alexander are exceptional additions to the F&I Sentinel team who will use their extensive knowledge and experience to further our company’s core purpose of protecting consumers and lenders by facilitating a compliant F&I product marketplace.”

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