Look-Back for GAP Waiver Refunds

Verify early-termination refund processing occurred

Leverage our technology and expertise to verify early-termination refund processing, before the CFPB does.


F&I Sentinel has the technology, industry relationships, and compliance expertise needed to support a lender’s examination of its historical F&I product refund compliance. As the CFPB and state and federal regulators continue to examine past transactions for UDAAP violations, there is an increasing need for lenders to take initiative towards compliance excellence and better serving customers.

Look-Back Benefits

Acquire insight into historical GAP waiver compliance exposure

Understand if customers received refund at early termination

Gain direct access to GAP administrators

Better serve your former, existing, and future customers

Demonstrate to regulators your interest in compliance excellence

Leverage cost-effective industry-leading technology and services

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