FAIRRCalc® GAP Waiver Calculator

Instantaneous and accurate refund quotes on
GAP waivers approved for financing

Stop relying on third parties to calculate your customers’ GAP waiver refunds.

With FAIRRCalc®, you are in control.


F&I Sentinel’s FAIRRCalc® accounts for the most significant regulatory and litigation exposure that finance companies currently face. As the CFPB, state and federal regulators, and plaintiffs’ counsel continue to scrutinize GAP waiver refunds, vehicle finance companies are increasingly under pressure to process refunds timely and accurately.

FAIRRCalc® benefits and features

Asset 1

refund calculation

Asset 3

Provider and
dealer notifications

Asset 4

Easy-to-use integration
with no PII concerns

Asset 5

Comprehensive IT and
data security controls

Asset 6

Audit trail with data download
capabilities for enhanced reporting

Asset 7

Expert support for
administrator resolution

With FAIRRCalc®, you will:

  • Increase your control with respect to calculating GAP waiver refunds accurately
  • Reduce your exposure to regulatory and litigation risk associated with financing GAP waivers
  • Account for cancellation fees and refund methodology set forth within each GAP waiver approved for funding
  • Ensure that refunds processed are in accordance with state and federal requirements

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